Smiles That Speak For Themselves

Why should I Choose Mountain Peak Dentistry to provide my cosmetic services?


At Mountain Peak Dentistry we provide world-class cosmetic dentistry and implants to our patients.  Our patients find us for a variety of reasons, but the results are the same: an amazing smile that speaks for itself!


What sets us apart?


Dr. Bonati has had extensive training in cosmetics and smile design.  He has completed an entire year of mentorship in cosmetics and implant placement and continues to be up to date on the best techniques and materials to ensure you are receiving the best dentistry has to offer.

Every cosmetic case is unique, a smile is like a snowflake, and no two are alike. We design each smile to fit our patient’s lip and facial structure.   Our patients can see a trial version of their smile before we begin.  This leaves no buyers remorse, and we can guarantee that you will love your smile!

We use the highest quality lab materials and we have a ceramist that is dedicated only to a select few practices. This ensures that your cosmetic work will receive personal attention throughout the entire process.


What are some reasons why I would want veneers or cosmetic dentistry?


Below are some reasons for needing cosmetic dentistry with examples for patient’s lives we have changed.

Brandon’s Concerns:

Brandon came to Mountain Peak Dentistry because he did not have the smile that he wanted. Over time the force of his bite had caused him to grind his teeth flat, and they no longer looked natural. As well, when he was stressed he would put even extra force on his teeth. Brandon wanted a long-term solution to fix his bite and his smile.


With bonded porcelain veneers and crowns we added proper length, shape, size, and color back to Brandon’s smile. His teeth are white and they support his lip and face properly. With his bite in the proper position he has a long-term solution that will protect his teeth from grinding down like they had in the past. He feels great and he loves his new smile.

Patient’s Concerns:

This patient came to Mountain Peak Dentistry because there was concern about how long the existing teeth would last. This patient has already lost
multiple teeth that had broken and fractured and needed to be extracted. This patient also drinks coffee and tea and has stained teeth from years of this habit. They wanted a natural, age appropriate smile and to stop breaking and fracturing teeth.


Corrected this patient’s bite by adding proper length shape and size back to the teeth. The result is a more youthful smile with no cracking or fracturing teeth.
With a correct bite this patient should no longer wear, crack, or fracture teeth like the past. This patient now has an amazing smile that also functions properly!

Patients Concerns:

This patient wanted whiter teeth that were no longer stained from drinking soda, coffee and tea. Their teeth were also chipped and worn from an incorrect bite.


With bonded veneers and crowns his teeth will no longer stain. Length was added to the patient’s teeth to correct chips and cracks. This patient now has a
white smile that will not chip and crack.

Patients Concerns:

This patient had been to previous dentists and expressed that she wanted whiter, longer teeth that would not stain. As well, they knew they were constantly grinding and felt like they had no tooth structure left because they had ground them all the way down.


With bonded porcelain veneers and crowns this patient’s smile was restored to a more youthful color, shape, and size. In the future their smile will not stain, and with a corrected bite their teeth will no longer grind down. They have full lip support and their jaw is in the proper position, which will relieve future stress on the teeth due to grinding.

 Joanne’s concerns:

Joanne came to mountain peak dentistry because she was not able to sleep at night due to having pain in her joint. She had seen multiple dentists in the past and each dentist had only addressed a small part of her overall issue. Her occlusion (bite) was incorrect and leading her to wear her teeth down. Without
proper support from her teeth her jaw was not in the right position and was causing her pain while she was sleeping.


With bonded porcelain veneers and crowns we added proper length and shape back to Joanne’s teeth and corrected how they fit together. Her teeth now support her lip, facial structures, and jaw like they should. She sleeps amazing at night and
no longer has any pain in her joint. Joanne could not be happier with her new smile, which has added years back to how she looks and feels. Click here for her personal story. 

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