5 Smile Flaws You Didn’t Know Could be Corrected With Veneers

Celebrities have learned that a dazzling smile can open doors … and keep them open. That’s why so many of your favorite stars — from Morgan Freeman to Blake Lively— turn to dental veneers to make sure their pearly whites create a smile to remember.

Though you probably know that dental veneers — super-thin, tooth-shaped, porcelain shells— cover up teeth that are stained, broken, or cracked, you might not know how much else they can do. In fact, if your teeth have more one than one issue, dental veneers could be the all-in-one, cost-effective, permanent solution you need to create a smile that’s worthy of the red carpet.

Brennan Bonati, DDS, of Mountain Peak Dentistry in Lakewood, Colorado, helps you decide if dental veneers are right for you. He uses these versatile, natural-looking smile enhancers to give you five different looks of your dreams.

1. Misshapen or uneven teeth

Don’t like the shape of your teeth? Are they too short or too narrow? Or maybe your front teeth are the perfect length, but the rest of your teeth are shorter so that your smile looks ragged.

Dr. Bonati uses dental veneers to create perfectly sized and shaped teeth that flatter your facial shape and type. Your teeth aren’t just beautiful, they’re uniform, without distracting variations.

2. Gummy smile

If you have a gummy smile, you don’t have to undergo regular Botox® injections to correct it. Nor do you have to have your gums surgically altered so that you show more teeth when you smile.

By selecting the right size and shape veneers and placing them with expertise, Dr. Bonati creates a smile that reveals your bright, white teeth and not your gums. You’ll be able to smile freely, broadly, and confidently whether you’re posing for social events, charming a date, or taking a killer selfie.

3. Gapped teeth

Sometimes a gap in your teeth can become a signature, or sometimes it’s an inherited trait that signifies you’re part of a valued culture. But sometimes a gap is unflattering, and if you many gaps in your teeth, you might have considered braces.

Instead of closing your teeth over time with a realignment system, Dr. Bonati uses veneers to reshape your teeth and make them fit together perfectly. The gaps are gone in just a few weeks.

4. Misaligned teeth

If you have slightly misaligned teeth, such as a small overbite, overlapped, or twisted teeth, you might be able to avoid braces altogether. Depending on your alignment issues, Dr. Bonati may be able to custom-design veneers that create a well-aligned and functional bite, while improving the overall aesthetics of your teeth, too.

5. Easily stained teeth

You whiten your teeth regularly. But you don’t want to give up red wine, coffee, and other dark-colored delicacies. Porcelain veneers not only have the translucence and strength of natural teeth, but they resist stains, too.

You do need to care for veneers with as much diligence as ever: Brush at least once a day, floss daily, and visit. Dr. Bonati for a professional cleaning twice a year. But you’ll never need to whiten ever again.

Mix and match

If you have 1) slightly misaligned teeth, 2) stains, and 3) teeth that vary in size and shape,  all of these issues can be solved with one beautiful, a natural-looking set of veneers. When you meet with Dr. Bonati, he evaluates your teeth, gums, and oral bones to determine if all of your cosmetic issues can be solved with veneers, or if you’d benefit from other therapies, too.

Veneers are a permanent tooth enhancement method that requires a lifetime commitment. When you come to Mountain Peak Dentistry for veneers, Dr. Bonati must prepare your teeth by lightly sanding them so that the veneer shells fit perfectly. If a veneer falls off, or if you decide to change the size, shape, or color, Dr. Bonati must apply new veneers.

To find out how you can have the kind of star-level smile you’ve only dreamed about, contact Dr. Bonati today. You can call our office, or book your veneers consultation online.

     About Dr. Bonati

Dr. Bonati loves being able to restore patients smiles and focuses and restorative and cosmetic dentistry. What really excites Dr. Bonati about dentistry, however, is that he can develop strong relationships with his patients and help them achieve their goals, whether that means improving their smile cosmetically or by simply keeping their teeth healthy.

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